UCPLAY v2.5.0.0 Download

System Requirements:

Warcraft III TFT v1.24b
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7 (RTM/MSDN)
.Net Framework 2.0 or above.

Changes since v2.3.1.1

* lag/delay identified and fixed.

Changes since v2.3.1.0

* An attempt to fix delay issues.

Changes since v2.2.0.0

* Windows 7 supported.
* Integrated latency changer (usage: /dr 100 or /latency 150) (Delay Reducer causing fatal errors, please stop using)
* Optimized TCP Connections (less delay)
* Fixed some fatal errors
* Admin access will be requested automatically on Windows Vista and Windows 7
* Fixed DEP issues.

UCPLAY v2.5.0.0 Lite Installer Download Links
UCPLAY v2.5.0.0 Full Installer Download Links

Important update UCPlay v1.0.1.1

Exciting New Features

* All known map hacks are now detected
* No longer disable any system tools such as task manager and command prompt
* Greatly reduced CPU usage
* Update notification is now supported for wc3 core loader

Bugs Fixed Since v1.0.1.1

* Fixed a bug where you will get fatal error if you try to host a game in Warcraft
* Caught a Warcraft loading bug on some machine
* Reduced high CPU usage on some machines...

Bugs fixed Since v1.0.0.0

* Fixed game.dll not found
* Corrected read from incorrect files
* A few .net exceptions are now handled correctly
* Starcraft is able to launch correctly now.
* CS is able to launch correctly now.
* Warcraft is able to launch correctly now.
* A few graphical glitches are not adjusted

Special thanks for the beta testers:
Eponine, Kaelz, Grif, Baby-doom, Supercatz, swetswet, horngene and anyone that I had missed out.

System Requirements
Windows XP and above

Download links
UCPlay v1.0.1.0 Lite RapidShare Mirror
UCPlay v1.0.1.0 Full RapidShare Mirror

* UCPlay v1.0.1.1 Lite Rapidshare Mirror
* UCPlay v1.0.1.1 Full Rapidshare Mirror

Reset Password Guide in UCPro

Don’t worry fellow gamers, as we migrate to the new web interface, all accounts created in the forum will be transferred over. Amazingly your post counts will still REMAIN! And you DO NOT need to register a new account, just reset your password!

How do I reset my password?

Simple enough! Once the web portal is officially launch at 12.00am, 25th October 2008, you are required to click on “Forgot your password?”

Once the new page loads, fill in your e-mail address (the same e-mail used to register in UCpro) and click “Submit”

Check your e-mail for the verification link and click on it.

Now you are able to log in to the UCpro web portal for the latest news and updates.

Red Alert Launching Soon In Malaysia!!

For Red Alert’s most devoted comrades, EA Los Angeles is proud to present to its most loyal Red Alert comrades the limited Premier Edition of Command & Conquer Red Alert 3. Featuring Kirovs-full of exclusive Red Alert goodness, including multiplayer maps, a bonus DVD with over an hour of exclusive content and the official soundtrack of Red Alert 3, and a beta key to a future C&C title, the Premier Edition is the ultimate Red Alert 3 experience for the most faithful of comrades.

Launching Details

Venue: Leo's Cafe @ Jalan SS2/75, Petaling Jaya
Date: 28 October 2008
Time: 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Theme: Come dressed in Red!
For the Malaysian Gaming scene.